Anxiety Tech Acquisition by Vacuum Prince – So, What’s Next?

Vacuum Prince the expert in vacuum cleaners and home cleaning have acquired and taken over Anxiety Tech, a technology and home blog, that provided information for a global audience.

As there is endless information about vacuum cleaners and technology on the internet, it can be difficult to find the true experts and the correct information. With this acquisition this will enable Vacuum Prince to get accurate information out to readers.

Brief Information About Anxiety Tech

The AnxietyTech website is a technology and home website that has a huge audience of people seeking out the best technology and home information. The website has focused on doing research and testing of various products, supplying buying guides and product reviews.

AnxietyTech has always maintained up to date information and focused on providing the most accurate and precise data from their testing and analysis.

Idea Behind the Acquisition

Getting the most accurate vacuum information out to the huge global audience has always been a goal at Vacuum Prince.

By acquiring the team and company at Anxiety Tech we are able to provide more content, testing and analysis on Vacuum Cleaners.

Anxiety Tech has been able to supply some of the most up to date testing and revolutionary R&D when it comes to vacuums that we use in our homes.

Integrating the team members into the Vacuum Prince ecosystem, we increase the expertise and speed in which content is delivered to our readers.

What Will Happen To AnxietyTech Post Acquisition?

It is no longer possible to reach AnxietyTech’s website or to search for it in Google. Instead any visitor that is looking for the AnxietyTech website will now be redirected to Vacuum Prince.

Any previous guides such as those for the best vacuum cleaner or the best budget vacuum cleaner will now be redirected accordingly.