The Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 2023 | 7 Top Picks

(Last Updated On: October 21, 2023)

Handheld vacuum cleaners provide a convenient cleaning solution for life’s daily messes.

With so many options available, it can be challenging to identify the best model for your needs.

We extensively researched handheld vacuums across various factors like battery life, suction power, and ease of use to determine the top performers.

Read on as we detail the leading handheld vacuum cleaners to help you find the perfect fit.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Best Overall Handheld Vacuum: Shark CH701 Cyclone

Best Runner Up: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Flex


Shark CH701 Cyclone

Shark CH701 Cyclone

If you’re looking for a lightweight and powerful handheld vacuum with pet hair-cleaning capabilities, give the Shark CH701 a try.


  • HyperVelocity suction for deep cleaning
  • Lightweight and compact design at 1.6 lbs
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB charging


  • No charging station included
  • Cannot use while plugged in
  • Limited warranty outside North America

We recently used the Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum and found it to be an impressive tool for cleaning up pet hair and other messes around the home. The HyperVelocity suction really stood out to us, providing deep-cleaning performance in a small package.

Weighing in at only 1.6 lbs, this handheld vacuum is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The USB charging is a nice touch, making the CH701 a versatile option for on-the-go cleanups. Additionally, the large dust cup and removable, washable filter made maintenance a breeze for us.

However, we did find a few drawbacks as well. Firstly, the vacuum comes with only a charging cable rather than a charging station. This can be an issue for those who prefer a designated docking area. Secondly, the vacuum must be unplugged to use, which can be an inconvenience. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the warranty is limited outside of North America, so international customers might face issues with support.

Nevertheless, the Shark CH701 Cyclone PET Handheld Vacuum proved to be a valuable addition to our cleaning arsenal. Its powerful suction and versatile features outweighed the few drawbacks we encountered. If you are looking for a reliable handheld vacuum to tackle pet hair and other everyday messes, this one might just fit the bill.



The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Flex Handheld Vacuum is a versatile and powerful choice for tackling various cleaning tasks in your home and car.


  • Cordless, portable, and ultra-compact design
  • Four-foot flexible hose for extended reach
  • Washable bowl and filter for easy maintenance


  • Limited battery runtime
  • Curved handle can be uncomfortable for some
  • Suction power may not be sufficient for heavy-duty tasks

The BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Flex Handheld Vacuum truly shines in its ease of use and flexibility. With its cordless design and four-foot flexible hose, we found it perfect for cleaning floor-to-ceiling and reaching tight crevices in our home and car. Its compact size and lightweight make it ideal for carrying around as we cleaned.

While its suction power isn’t as strong as some larger models, we found the 24 AW to be more than enough for picking up everyday messes, such as pet hair, crumbs, and dust. The washable bowl and filter made maintaining the vacuum a breeze, allowing us to simply rinse them off in between uses. The pet brush attachment was also notably helpful with stubborn pet hair on carpets and upholstery.

However, this vacuum does have a few drawbacks. The battery runtime isn’t the longest, so it may not be suitable for extensive cleaning sessions. Additionally, the curved handle may be uncomfortable for some users, which can make prolonged usage less enjoyable. Lastly, if you require a vacuum for heavy-duty tasks, this model’s suction power might not meet your expectations.

In conclusion, the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Flex Handheld Vacuum is a versatile and convenient option for quick cleanups in your home and car. Its cordless design, compact size, and multiple attachments make it a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal. However, you may need to consider alternative options if your cleaning requirements are more demanding.



This compact and powerful vacuum is a great addition to your cleaning arsenal, especially for quick cleanups and car interiors.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Powerful suction with two-speed settings
  • Easy-to-empty one-touch system


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Limited runtime
  • Batteries not compatible with all WORX products

Our experience with the WORX WX030L has been quite positive. This little gadget comes in a convenient size that’s easy to store and carry around. Its lightweight design makes it effortless to maneuver during operation, and we found it to work well on various surfaces like car seats, floors, and countertops.

We particularly appreciate the strong suction power the Cube Vac provides. The two-speed settings allowed us to switch between low and high suction modes to address different cleaning tasks. Low speed works well for daily messes, while high-speed mode tackles more challenging debris. The 4ft retractable hose also proved useful for reaching tight or high spaces.

One of our favorite features is the one-touch emptying system combined with removable HEPA filters, making it a breeze to clean up after use. The 6 oz. dirt cup capacity is decent for a vacuum of this size, but may require frequent emptying for larger tasks.

However, the battery life could be improved. For extended cleaning sessions, we recommend having extra batteries on hand. Additionally, it would be more convenient if the batteries were compatible with other WORX products, making it easier for users with multiple tools from the brand.



The Shark WV201 WANDVAC is a reliable choice for users seeking lightweight, powerful suction, and easy maintenance.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Powerful cordless suction
  • Simple maintenance and one-touch emptying


  • Relatively short runtime of 10 minutes
  • Charging time of 150 minutes
  • Paper filter may be overlooked by users

Having recently used the Shark WV201, we can confidently say it is an excellent product for quick cleanups and tight spaces.

The ultra-lightweight design, at only 1.4 pounds, makes it easy to handle and reach tricky spots. The brushless motor delivers powerful suction that effectively picks up debris from various surfaces, including carpets and upholstery.

In terms of maintenance, the vacuum is a breeze to manage because it has a detachable dust cup and a removable filter housing.

Emptying the debris is also effortless, thanks to the one-touch empty button, which eliminates the need to get your hands dirty. The vacuum comes with a sleek charging dock, making it always accessible and ready to use.

The included Multi-Surface Pet Tool and Duster Crevice Tool are perfect for tackling pet hair and cleaning tight spaces, such as in cars.

However, it is essential to note that the runtime of this vacuum is only 10 minutes, so it may not be suitable for more extended cleaning sessions. Additionally, the charging time of 150 minutes is longer compared to some other options on the market.

Another minor issue we noticed is that the paper filter could be overlooked by users, as it is not immediately evident.



We recommend the BLACK+DECKER Furbuster for pet owners seeking a convenient and efficient cleaning solution.


  • Powerful suction and adjustable settings
  • Anti-tangle rubber bristles for pet hair
  • Washable filter and easy maintenance


  • Longer charging time
  • Limited runtime at higher settings
  • Bulkier than some handheld models

We recently had the pleasure of using the BLACK+DECKER Furbuster, and we were quite impressed by its performance. The vacuum’s powerful suction made quick work of hair, dirt, and debris in high traffic areas, while the adjustable settings allowed us to tackle different surfaces with ease.

The anti-tangle rubber bristles really shined when it came to lifting stubborn pet hair, and we especially appreciated the extra-long crevice tool that helped us reach tight spaces without straining our wrists. This vacuum is designed with pet owners in mind, and its washable filter and easy-to-clean components make maintenance a breeze.

While there’s a lot to love about the BLACK+DECKER Furbuster, it does have a few drawbacks. The charging time of 240 minutes is somewhat lengthy, and the runtime is only four hours when used at the lowest setting. We also noticed that the vacuum is bulkier than some other handheld models, which might be an issue for those who prefer lightweight, compact devices.



We recommend the BISSELL AeroSlim for anyone seeking a compact and powerful handheld vacuum, perfect for quick cleanups and small spaces.


  • Excellent suction in a compact design
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Convenient USB charging


  • Limited to 12 minutes of continuous use
  • Charging stand may be flimsy
  • Struggles with larger debris

The first thing we noticed when using the BISSELL AeroSlim Cordless Handheld Vacuum is its surprisingly small yet sleek design. Despite its size, the vacuum is quite mighty and delivers impressive suction power for cleaning up various spills and messes. Its slim design makes it perfect for easy storage and access, whether in our car or office.

One feature we truly appreciate is the lithium-ion battery, which provides up to 12 minutes of cordless cleaning power. Although some might find that the battery life is relatively short, we have found that it’s more than enough time for quick cleanups and spot cleaning. Charging the vacuum is also straightforward, thanks to the included standard charger and USB charging cable.

Included with the AeroSlim are a 2-in-1 crevice tool and dusting brush, making it easy to tackle different surfaces and corners. Additionally, we love that these tools store together with the vacuum on one stand, ensuring they’re always ready whenever we need them.

On the downside, the AeroSlim may struggle when dealing with larger debris, as its slim nozzle might not accommodate bigger pieces. However, for its intended purpose of quick cleanups and small spaces, it performs quite well.

Dyson V7

Dyson V7

We highly recommend the Dyson V7 Trigger for its powerful suction and cord-free convenience, making it an excellent choice for quick clean-ups.


  • Powerful suction with Dyson digital motor V7
  • Cord-free and hassle-free design
  • Hygienic dirt ejector


  • Battery life might be limited for some users
  • Can be somewhat heavy
  • Mini power head bristles may wear out over time

Using the Dyson V7 has been a game-changer for us, especially when it comes to quick clean-ups around the house.

The powerful V7 digital motor allows us to effortlessly pick up dirt, debris, and even pet hair without breaking a sweat.

We love the fact that it’s cord-free, allowing us to move freely without worrying about finding a power outlet or tripping over cables.

One of the standout features of this vacuum cleaner is the hygienic dirt ejector.

With a simple action, we can drive out trapped dust and debris without having to touch it. This is not only convenient but also ensures that we maintain a high level of cleanliness.

The vacuum also comes with a mini motorized tool, combination tool, and crevice tool, which allow us to clean various surfaces and tight spots with ease.

However, we have found that the battery life can be a bit limiting for some users.

While it provides up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction, you might need to recharge it more frequently if you have a larger space to clean.

Additionally, the vacuum can feel a bit heavy during extended use, which might be uncomfortable for some users.

We also noticed that the bristles on the mini power head might wear out over time and require replacement.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best handheld vacuum cleaner, it is essential to consider various features to ensure you make the right choice. In this buying guide, we will explore several critical factors that will help you select the perfect handheld vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Battery Life & Charging Time

A vital aspect of handheld vacuum cleaners is their battery life. We recommend opting for models that offer at least 15-20 minutes of operation time so that you can clean small areas without interruptions. Additionally, consider the charging time – shorter charging periods are more convenient and practical.

Suction Power

To ensure efficient cleaning, evaluate the suction power of handheld vacuum cleaners. A higher wattage motor usually provides better suction capabilities. However, it’s also essential to find a balance between power and battery life, as more powerful motors can drain the battery faster.

Attachments & Accessories

Handheld vacuum cleaners often come with a range of attachments and accessories designed to make cleaning more effective and convenient. Look for models that include essential tools like crevice tools, brush attachments, and extension hoses to tackle various cleaning tasks with ease.

Weight & Ergonomics

A lightweight and ergonomic design will make using a handheld vacuum cleaner more comfortable and reduce strain during extended cleaning sessions. Examine the shape and positioning of the handle, as well as the overall weight of the device to ensure it suits your preferences and needs.

Dustbin Capacity & Maintenance

Another factor to consider is the dustbin capacity of the vacuum cleaner. A larger dustbin will allow you to clean more without having to empty it frequently. Furthermore, opt for models that feature washable and reusable filters for easy maintenance and cost savings in the long run.

Noise Level

While handheld vacuum cleaners are generally less noisy than their full-sized counterparts, it’s still essential to consider the noise level, especially if you have pets or young children. Look for models that operate at a reasonable volume without sacrificing performance.

By keeping these factors in mind, we are confident that you will be well-equipped to choose the best handheld vacuum cleaner that meets your specific requirements and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of handheld vacuum would you recommend for cleaning my car?

We would recommend a cordless handheld vacuum with a high suction power and a variety of attachments, such as a crevice tool and a brush attachment, to clean various surfaces inside your car. You may also want to consider a vacuum with a HEPA filter to trap allergens and dust particles effectively.

How often should I empty the dirt canister or change the filter on a handheld vacuum?

We recommend that you empty the dirt canister after each use to maintain optimal suction power. As for the filter, consult your vacuum’s user manual, as each model may have different recommendations. Generally, it’s good practice to clean and replace filters periodically to ensure peak performance.

What’s the best technique for using a handheld vacuum to clean stairs or upholstery?

Begin by using a brush attachment to loosen dirt and debris from stairs or upholstery. Next, switch to the crevice tool for narrower areas like corners and tight spaces. Work in a systematic manner, starting from the top and moving downwards so that you cover the entire surface effectively. Be sure to apply gentle pressure when using the handheld vacuum, as this can help improve suction power for a more thorough clean.

Do handheld vacuums work well on pet hair?

Yes, many handheld vacuums are designed to handle pet hair effectively. Look for models that specifically mention pet hair removal capabilities and have attachments, such as a motorized brush, to effectively lift and remove pet hair from various surfaces.

My handheld vacuum seems to lose suction quickly. How can I maintain its power?

To maintain your handheld vacuum’s power, make sure you empty the dirt canister regularly and clean or replace the filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, check for any blockages in the vacuum’s airflow pathway and clean it if necessary. Lastly, ensure that the battery is fully charged before each use, as a low battery can cause a decrease in suction power.

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