The 5 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners of 2022

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2022)

Are you looking for the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner 2022 to easily maneuver around your home? Below we will breakdown the top 5 picks we found for lightweight vacuums on the market.

Best Lightweight Vacuums


1. BISSELL 2033M.

This is a featherweight bagless vacuum that is really compact and convenient. It is a 3-in-1 machine that can be used as a lightweight vacuum to clean hard floors and carpets, as a had vacuum with a crevice tool to clean furniture and hard to reach spots and also as a stair vacuum. Its powerful suction makes it great for quickly picking up dirt and debris.  This is a multi-purpose and versatile vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean countertops, sealed bare floors, low pile carpets and rugs.

It comes with a dirt cup capacity of 0.67 liters. The dirtbag is very easy to empty without having to touch the dirt. With each purchase, you will be contributing to the pet foundation of the company.

This is the best vacuum cleaner on our list. It’s a good bagless vacuum cleaner that fulfills the desires of most people that want something lightweight but also powerful. It’s also the only corded vacuum cleaner on this list and has better cleaning performance than the cordless vacuums. We do wish it had a long cord so we could stop having to unplug and plug it in all the time though.

  • Works on all floor types
  • Easy to empty
  • Bagless
  • Can be used as handheld
  • Quiet operation
  • Various attachments


  • Short cord
  • Small collection chamber


2. Shark IZ362H.

This is a cordless vacuum cleaner that weighs just over 7 pounds. It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-carry vacuum that is powered by a 181 watt motor. It has a self-cleaning brush roll for powerful pet hair cleaning without any hair wrap. Its powerful Li-ion battery enables it to run for 40 minutes so that you can clean your house without worrying about having to recharge the vacuum.

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with PowerFins technology that gives you incredible deep cleaning on floors and high pile carpets. The powerfins are basically an alternative to bristles that provide continuous cleaning contact on various surfaces. It digs deep inside the carpeted surfaces and directly engages the floor to clean them without leaving a speck of dust.  This vacuum is engineered to emit clean air. Its anti-allergen complete seal captures and traps 99.9% of dust and allergens and make the air inside your house cleaner.

  • Design and build is sleek
  • Container is easy to empty
  • Boost mode button
  • LED lights
  • Good suction
  • Battery can be swapped out
  • Easy storage


  • Battery life is shorter than advertised
  • Takes a while to charge


3. Eureka RapidClean Pro.

This is a battery-powered cordless vacuum with powerful suction. It comes with a 25V rechargeable battery that provides excellent power with up to 40 minutes of long-lasting runtime.  It features a cyclonic filtration system that is specially designed to separate and trap dust, debris and large particles. The LED lights in the floorhead make it really easy to locate dust and pet hair. It also has an easy rest feature that allows you to conveniently rest the vacuum on tables, countertops and furniture, it will not fall over.

This vacuum has the dust cup and handles on the front of the pole and a slim nozzle profile that makes it really easy to lay it down and reach under the furniture. With swivel steering and a low profile head, you can easily clean every corner and hard-to-reach spots comfortably from any angle.

The price point gets this into our top 3 cordless vacuum cleaners.

  • Easy attachment options
  • Good performance on hard wood
  • 45 minutes of run time
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Swiveling head
  • Great pricing


  • Battery is not removable or swappable
  • Charge indicator only lets you know at half charge or full charge
  • Collection canister can be difficult to fit back on


4. Orfeld EV679.

The EV679 has 1800pa hurricane suction that almost reaches the suction of a traditional canister vacuum. This kind of suction power is very rare in such compact and lightweight vacuum cleaners.  It is powered by a premium Japanese battery that provides 50 minutes of long-lasting runtime in standard mode. This again is an impressive feature for a cordless vacuum of this size.  It is equipped with a 2020 upgraded 3.0 brushless motor that easily picks up pet hair, dirt and fine dust from hard floors and carpets.

You can use this vacuum cleaner in 2 power modes depending on the surface being cleaned. It has a T10 filter system that uses a stainless steel filter and a seal allergen system that helps trap 99.9% of the microscopic fine dust and allergens. It also prevents them from re-entering the air. Another great feature is that you can clean the dirt cup with a press of a button. All the dust bin components are detachable and washable.

The EV679 reaches our top 4 bagless vacuums and its performance on bare floors as well as on carpet fibers, makes it an amazing choice. In our cleaning tests it had strong suction on high pile carpet, could handle tight corners and collected most small dust particles around our home.

  • Easy to use
  • Very lightweight
  • Gets under furniture easily
  • Swiveling head
  • Battery charges fast


  • Suction isn’t the strongest
  • Included bag is quite small
  • Collection cup is small


5. Moosoo XL-618A.

The XL-618A is available in two colors. It is specially designed to clean hard floors. It is not so good for carpets and rugs. It is powered by a long-lasting battery that gives you an outstanding running time of 20 to 30 minutes. Its powerful 100 Watt motor helps you clean all debris, dust, crumbs and pet hair in minutes. It comes with an adjustable extension tube that can be set according to the user’s height, arm length and convenience. It has a 120-degree swivel sideways steering and 90 degrees up and down multi-angle positioning that provides flexibility while cleaning. It has LED searchlights that illuminate every dark corner and help you drag dust. Its filters can be detached and washed. You should replace the HEPA filter once a month or two to get the best results for allergy sufferers. This vacuum cleaner can be wall mounted for convenient storage.

Overall the performance competes well with most upright vacuum cleaners. A lightweight upright vacuum cleaner might have the benefit of more power, but the XL-618A is so versatile that you’ll be able to handle your entire home with it. It’s let down by the smallish dust cup, but it’s a lightweight machine and isn’t meant to be bulky.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to maneuver around
  • No cord
  • Priced reasonably
  • Has multiple attachments
  • True HEPA filters
  • Filter is easy to remove and clean


  • Feels heavier than other vacuums
  • Suction power is ok at best
  • Struggles with carpet
  • Small dust canister



What things should you look for before getting a lightweight vacuum?

  • Size of the vacuum
  • Charging base
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant features
  • Does it have a power cord
  • Length of the power cords
  • Does it have a washable filter
  • Does it come with HEPA filters
  • Cleaning power and suction strength

What attachments should you expect?

  • Upholstery tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Upholstery brush
  • Flip up brush attachment
  • Bristle brush
  • Crevice tools
  • Extension wands

Handheld vacuum vs Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

When looking for an all around vacuum, I’d go with a cordless vacuum cleaner. Cordless stick vacuums perform very similarly to upright vacuums, but they’re just battery operated. Handheld vacuums often lack the suction power and whilst they may make it easy to clean because of the ease of use, you won’t be able to clean your entire home. A lightweight handheld vacuum does a great job with tight spaces, fine particles and to clean dust that is in hard to reach areas. So if you really want a hand vac, make sure it’s only job is for quick clean ups.

The low total weight combined with the cordless design, enables you to quickly pick it up and clean larger homes. Alongside this you can quickly clean your car and other hard to reach places. Most come with a lithium ion battery that lasts a long time.

Lightweight vs robot vacuum cleaner

In this case I’d go with stick vacuum cleaners. A robotic vacuum can be useful for those that don’t have much time on their hands. Robot vacuums struggle with a low capacity and often get stuck. They can be fun and do look cool. My dog chases my robot all around my home, but after the gimmicky side of the device, it isn’t that effective. I’d stick with a normal vacuum. If you want to checkout the robovacs that we’ve reviewed then click here.

Bagged or bagless?

A bagless design is better for the environment and saves you money in the long run. A bagged vacuum can have its advantages, but overall we’d say stick with bagless canisters.

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