The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 2023 | 7 Top Picks

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2023)

Hardwood floors are known for their beauty, durability, and the warmth they bring to a space.

Selecting the right vacuum for hardwood floors is essential to ensure the best possible cleaning experience while preserving the long-term quality of your floors.

Our comprehensive guide will help you understand the critical aspects to consider and introduce you to the top vacuums on the market, ensuring you make an informed decision for your home.

Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Best Overall Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine

Best Lightweight Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Bissell Featherweight Stick

Best Budget Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Eureka NEU182A

Best Budget Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Dyson Omni-glide

Best Canister Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Best Powerful Vacuum For Hardwood Floors: Kenmore 600 Series

Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine

Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine

The Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine Bagless Canister Vacuum is an ideal choice for hardwood floors with its powerful suction, compact design, and exceptional maneuverability.


  • Powerful Vortex Technology provides 4 suction control settings
  • Compact, agile design ensures thorough cleaning in tight spaces
  • Effective Hygiene AirClean filter eliminates fine particles


  • A bit heavy at 20.1 pounds
  • Possible strain on the wrist due to hose length
  • Not cordless, limiting portability

After using the Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine, we found it to be quite impressive in terms of cleaning efficiency. With its Vortex Technology and 4 adjustable suction control settings, we were able to effectively clean surfaces like parquet, laminate, and low-pile carpets. Its compact and agile design allowed us to reach tight corners and small spaces with ease, ensuring a consistent level of cleanliness throughout the hardwood floors.

The Hygiene AirClean filter installed in this vacuum significantly improved the air quality of our living spaces. It filtered out even the smallest particles, leaving the air crisp and fresh. We also appreciated the versatility of the Boost CX1, as it included a universal floorhead and three standard accessories—an upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, and dusting brush—making it suitable for various cleaning tasks.

Although the Miele Boost CX1 Vacuum offers powerful performance, there are a few drawbacks we noticed during our use. We found it to be a bit heavy, weighing in at 20.1 pounds, which could make transportation challenging for some users. Additionally, the hose length may strain the wrists during extended use. Lastly, this vacuum cleaner is not cordless, potentially limiting portability and slightly affecting overall user convenience.

Despite the minor flaws, the Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine Bagless Canister Vacuum performs exceptionally well for hardwood floors, offering powerful suction, versatility, and effective filtration in a compact design. We believe it’s a fantastic option for those seeking a high-quality cleaning experience.

Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine SNRF0 Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner in Lotus White, Compact
  • Powerful performance: The Boost CX1 uses innovative Vortex Technology capturing coarse soil and fine dust with 4 suction control settings via Rotary Dial
  • Extremely agile: With wheels on the side and TrackDrive this bagless canister vacuum cleaner stays on track while ensuring every corner of your home is cleaned thoroughly
  • Multistage filtration: This canister vacuum is equipped with a Hygiene AirClean filter for filtering even the smallest particles
  • Versatile applications: The Boost CX1 features a universal floorhead for low-pile carpet and hard floors and 3 standard accessories including an upholstery nozzle crevice nozzle and dusting brush
  • Compact design: Created to be small and powerful, this household vacuum is easy to maneuver and features an extremely convenient height adjustment thanks to the Comfort telescopic wand

Bissell Featherweight Stick

BISSELL Featherweight Stick

The Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Vacuum is an excellent choice for those seeking a convenient and effective solution for cleaning hardwood floors.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Powerful suction for quick pick-ups and versatile cleaning
  • Converts from a stick vacuum to a hand vacuum and stair vacuum


  • Limited dirt cup capacity (0.67 liters)
  • Corded, may restrict mobility
  • May not be suitable for heavy-duty cleaning

We recently tested the Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Vacuum on our hardwood floors, and we instantly appreciated its lightweight design and maneuverability. Its powerful suction made quick work of daily messes like pet hair and dust bunnies, and the vacuum’s versatility allowed us to switch from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum for furniture or stairs with ease.

The Bissell Featherweight comes with a crevice tool for cleaning tight spaces, and we found it useful for cleaning baseboards and corners. The vacuum’s performance on hard floors was impressive, effortlessly picking up surface dirt and debris.

One drawback we noticed was the limited dirt cup capacity, requiring us to empty it more often during a cleaning session. Additionally, the vacuum is corded, which may restrict mobility for some users. Although it’s perfect for quick clean-ups and maintaining hardwood floors, it might not be the best choice for heavy-duty cleaning or larger messes.

BISSELL Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum with Crevice Tool, 2033M, Black
  • Powerful, convenient, and easy to use
  • Powerful suction makes it great for quick pick ups with multipurpose versatility, Cleans up dirt and debris on carpets, area rugs and hard floors.
  • Versatile cleaning three machines in one: a stick vacuum, handle vacuum, and stair vacuum
  • With a crevice tool for furniture and a floor nozzle for stairs
  • Clean hard floors and surface dirt on carpets and area rugs. Surface Type: Counter Tops, Sealed Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpet. Dirt Cup Capacity: 0. 67 liter

Eureka NEU182A

Eureka NEU182A

We believe the Eureka Lightweight Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner is an affordable yet efficient option for hardwood floor cleaning.


  • Upgraded Cyclone System for enhanced performance
  • Lightweight and versatile across surfaces
  • Comes with multiple accessories for hard-to-reach areas


  • Floor brush may get clogged by hair and dirt
  • Requires roller brush and belt cleaning every 2 weeks
  • May make a higher noise level at 88 dB

We recently tried out the Eureka Lightweight Powerful Upright Vacuum Cleaner and were quite impressed by its performance. The upgraded cyclone system handles various types of debris efficiently, and its powerful pick-up penetrates deeply into carpets and hardwood floors, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

The vacuum’s lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver, while the five height settings allow you to tackle anything from carpets to shag rugs and hardwood floors. We found the vacuum’s wheels to be gentle on our hardwood floors, preventing any damage during use.

The Eureka vacuum comes with several useful accessories, such as a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool. These attachments made it more convenient for us to clean hard-to-reach areas, making this vacuum perfect not just for hardwood floors, but also for car interiors, ceilings, and furniture.

However, there are a few drawbacks we noticed during our time with the Eureka vacuum. The floor brush tends to get clogged with hair and dirt, requiring regular cleaning of the roller brush and belt every two weeks. If neglected, it could lead to malfunctions or even pose a risk of smoke and belt breakages. Additionally, some users might find the vacuum’s noise level of 88 dB to be a bit loud.

eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Lite, Blue
  • Powerful vacuum cleaner; The dynamic motor and brush roll can lift stubborn and heavy debris; plus, the 12.6” wide nozzle cleans more with a quickness.
  • Lightweight 10 lbs upright vacuum; The Eureka Power Speed is pretty lightweight and easy to maneuver; designed for whole home clean.
  • With 5 height adjustment; It works well on carpets, shag rug, hard floors etc.; smooth wheels ensures hardwood floors won’t sustain scratches or gouges.
  • Extra-large 2.6L capacity; The extra-large dust cup holds more dirt and requires less frequent emptying; clean more, empty less.
  • Multiple accessories included; A quick-release handle connected to the stretch hose for above-floor cleaning; a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool for hard-to-reach areas.

ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a solid choice for anyone seeking a lightweight, yet powerful vacuum for various floor types and surfaces.


  • Powerful 22000Pa suction
  • Up to 35 minutes runtime
  • Lightweight and multi-functional


  • Requires regular filter washing for optimal performance
  • Hair may get tangled in the brush
  • Not as powerful as a full-size vacuum

We recently used the ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and were impressed by its versatility and performance on hardwood floors, carpets, and other surfaces. The 22000Pa suction power is powerful enough to pick up crumbs, debris, and pet hair in an instant, making for a more efficient cleaning experience.

One feature we found particularly handy was the 35-minute runtime, which allowed us to clean multiple rooms without needing to stop and recharge. The lightweight design made it easy to carry up and downstairs, and the 6-in-1 functionality made it suitable for various cleaning tasks such as sofa, car, and curtains cleaning.

However, it’s essential to note that maintaining optimal performance requires regular HEPA filter washing. We also observed that hair could get tangled in the brush head, so it might not be the best fit for homes with long-haired pets or individuals. Additionally, while it offers strong suction, it may not match the power of a heavy-duty vacuum for deep cleaning.

ORFELD Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 24000Pa Powerful Cordless Vacuum, 6 in 1 Lightweight Stick Vacuum with 40 Min Runtime, Wireless Household Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Carpet Car Hardwood Floor
  • 【30KPa Powerful Suction & Whole House Cleaning】ORFELD cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with the latest brushless motor, which can provide 24000Pa strong suction in MAX mode, which can capture crumbs, dust, crumbs, pet hair and other debris instantly and easily. Two suction modes are optional, and the standard mode can run for up to 40 minutes, which is enough to clean the whole house.
  • 【Multifunctional Vacuum & 2-in-1 Rolling Brush】This hardwood floor vacuum is equipped with multifunctional accessories, including dusting brush and long crevice tool, which can be easily converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner to meet all your daily cleaning needs. The 2-in-1 roller brush can directly clean various surfaces such as carpets and hardwood floors, eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement of roller brushes.
  • 【Flexible Electric Floor Brush & LED Headlight】The flexible electric floor brush head of the rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner has flexible 180° sideways rotation and 90° up and down rotation, allowing you to clean your home in all directions without moving furniture. 5 LED headlights to clean dark areas under furniture and beds without missing any hidden dust.
  • 【5-stage High Efficiency Filtration System】Cordless stick vacuum cleaner adopts a new 5-stage fully sealed cyclone filtration system with double HEPA filters, effectively capturing 99.99% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns to avoid secondary pollution and provide clean air for your family. The package is equipped with 2 replaceable HEPA filters, regular cleaning of the filters prevents insufficient suction power and clogging.
  • 【Humanized Design Vacuum Cleaner】The main body weight of the household lightweight vacuum cleaner is only 4.6 lbs and the ergonomic handle design will not make your hands feel tired even if you use it for a long time. Triple noise reduction technology makes the hard floor vacuum less than 63db. Wall-mounted storage design for easy storage and space-saving.

Dyson Omni-glide

Dyson Omni-glide

The Dyson Omni-glide is an excellent choice for quick and easy hardwood floor cleaning with its slim design, maneuverability, and lightweight.


  • Slim and maneuverable for in-between cleaning
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight at under 5 lbs
  • 360-degree castors for easy navigation around obstacles


  • Limited runtime of up to 20 minutes
  • Not suitable for deep cleaning
  • Handle design might not be comfortable for some users

We found the Dyson Omni-glide to be an incredible vacuum for hardwood floors thanks to its slim and maneuverable design. It is perfect for quick pickups, extending the time between deep cleans. The ultra-compact vacuum weighs less than 5 lbs, making it easy to carry around during cleaning sessions. With an articulating neck and 360-degree castors, it effortlessly maneuvers around obstacles and into tight spaces, reducing the need to move furniture.

The Omni-glide is not ideal for deep cleaning, but it performs exceptionally well as a supplementary tool for quick cleanups. Its cordless format allows it to transform into a handheld vacuum with one click, making it possible to clean up high, down low, and everywhere in between. The vacuum offers two cleaning modes: the standard and max mode, ensuring you have the right power when needed. Additionally, the whole-machine advanced filtration system traps 99.99% of particles, expelling cleaner air in the process.

A potential drawback is the vacuum’s limited runtime of up to 20 minutes, which may not be sufficient for larger cleaning sessions. Moreover, the handle design may be uncomfortable for some users.

Dyson Omni-glide Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dyson's slimmest, most maneuverable vacuum for in-between cleaning on hard floors.
  • Effortless for quick cleans, extending the time between deep cleans.
  • Weighs less than 5 lbs. Ergonomically designed to require less effort in use.
  • Dual brush bars spin at the same speed for hard floor pick ups in both directions.
  • Articulating neck and 360-degree castors make it easy to clean around chairs and under tables, into tight spaces, and lay flat to reach far under furniture.

Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner is an impressive option for tackling hardwood floors and more, delivering powerful performance and convenient features.


  • Powerful and efficient 1200W brushless motor
  • Three-stage filtration system for clean air
  • Versatile accessories for various surfaces


  • Somewhat bulky design
  • Not the quietest vacuum on the market
  • Cord rewind may be slow

Our experience with the Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner has been truly satisfying, and we believe it’ll make a valuable addition to any home. The powerful 1200W brushless motor generates over 455AW/24Kpa of strong suction, easily capturing dust, dirt, and pet hair from hardwood floors and other surfaces. We’ve found it to be particularly effective on low-pile carpets, as well.

One of the standout features we appreciate about this vacuum is its three-stage filtration system. The central cyclonic filtration separates dust from the air, while the fully sealed system with a washable HEPA-H10 inlet filter traps fine dust and particles. An outlet sponge ensures that the air expelled is clean, which is excellent news for those of us who worry about secondary pollution. This vacuum truly seems committed to making your home a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner also boasts versatile cleaning thanks to its included accessories. We’ve made good use of its universal floorhead and other tools like the crevice nozzle, small dust brush, pet powermate attachment, and upholstery brush. It’s clear that Aspiron has put thought into how different households have different cleaning needs. Additionally, the large 3.7QT dust cup is a practical feature that minimizes the need for constant emptying and saves money on replacement dust bags.

However, it’s worth noting that this canister vacuum is on the bulkier side, which could be a minor issue for some users. Additionally, its noise level is around 70 dB, which isn’t the quietest option on the market. We’ve also noticed that the automatic cord rewind could be slow at times.

Aspiron Canister Vacuum Cleaner, 1200W Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, 3.7QT Capacity, Automatic Cord Rewind, 5 Tools, HEPA Filter, Pet Friendly Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floors, Pet Hair, Carpet
  • Experience Powerful Cleaning: The Aspiron canister vacuum cleaner boasts an 1200W efficient brushless motor that generates over 455AW/24Kpa of strong suction, making it perfect for vacuuming dust, dirt, pet hair, and more.
  • Breathe Easy with Three-Stage Filtration: The central cyclonic filtration system separates dust from the air, while the fully sealed system with HEPA-H10 inlet filter traps fine dust and particles. The outlet sponge ensures that the air expelled is clean, making it ideal for those concerns about secondary pollution.
  • Versatile Cleaning for Every Surface: The Aspiron canister vacuum cleaner comes with a universal floorhead for low-pile carpet and hard floors, as well as four standard accessories, including a crevice nozzle, small dust brush, pet powermate attachment, and upholstery brush.
  • Large Dust Cup for More Efficient Cleaning: With a 3.7QT large dust cup, you won't have to worry about the extra cost of buying or replacing dust bags. The bagless and washable design also reduces how often you must empty it, improving cleaning efficiency compared to standard 2.6QT small-capacity dust cups.
  • Compact and Convenient Design: The Aspiron canister vacuum cleaner is designed to be small and powerful, making it easy to maneuver and store. The comfortable telescopic wand and automatic cord rewind make it even more convenient to use and store.

Kenmore 600 Series

Kenmore 600 Series Bagged Canister Vacuum

We recommend this vacuum for those looking for a versatile and powerful cleaning solution, especially for pet owners.


  • Powerful 2-motor system
  • Triple HEPA filter system
  • Efficient Pet PowerMate & Pop-N-Go brush


  • Heavy at 22.6 pounds
  • More plastic parts compared to older models
  • Shorter cord length (28 feet)

After using the Kenmore 600 Series vacuum, we were pleased with how effectively it tackled various surfaces in our home. From hardwood floors to carpeted areas, it handled dirt, debris, and pet hair with ease. The suction power is impressive, thanks to the 2-motor system, and switching between different attachments was smooth and user-friendly.

The build quality does have some drawbacks, as it seems to use more plastic and feels less sturdy than its predecessors. However, the vacuum’s performance remains top-notch. The Triple HEPA filter system ensures that allergens and dirt stay trapped inside the vacuum, providing cleaner air to breathe.

One aspect that could have been better is the cord length of 28 feet. A longer cord would have made moving around larger rooms more convenient. Though we found this vacuum a bit heavier than some alternatives, the weight is a trade-off for its powerful performance.

What sets this vacuum apart, particularly for pet owners, is the Pet PowerMate & Pop-N-Go brush. This motorized attachment effortlessly lifted pet hair from various surfaces, preventing hair from tangling around the brush. The aluminum telescoping wand allowed us to reach difficult spots, and the overall design made it easy to store when not in use.

Kenmore 600 Series Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum with Pet PowerMate, Pop-N-Go Brush, 2 Motors, HEPA Filter, Aluminum Telescoping Wand, Retractable Cord and 4 Cleaning Tools, Purple
  • BAGGED CANISTER VACUUM: Multipurpose design w/swivel head cleans all areas and surfaces in your home, den, kitchen, car and garage.Suction power(hose end) ≥183W. Number of Amps 12.Cleaning Width (in.) : 14, Features : Multi Surface.
  • POWERFUL CLEANING: 2-motor system excels in suction strength and includes 2 floor nozzles with exclusive Pop-N-Go floor brush. 3 additional attachments are included: crevice tool, dirt brush and bare floor tool
  • TRIPLE HEPA FILTER SYSTEM: Enhanced HEPA filter traps 99. 97% of dirt, trapping dirt inside the vacuum
  • PET POWERMATE & POP-N-GO BRUSH: Motorized attachment lifts stubborn pet hair, and dirt quickly from surfaces. Eliminates hair from tangling around the brush.Stores inside vacuum, attaches to handle and wand in a snap for bare floor cleaning
  • ALUMINUM TELESCOPING WAND: Adjustable lightweight wand lengthens to an extended reach of 10. ' to access difficult areas. Lightweight at 22. 6 lbs, 28' cord is retractable, accessories and attachments fit within vac

Buying Guide

When looking for the best vacuum for hardwood floors, there are several factors to consider. In this buying guide, we’ll share some tips and features to look for to help you make an informed decision.

Suction Power

Suction power is crucial for effectively removing dirt and debris from hardwood floors. Look for a vacuum with adjustable suction settings, as this allows you to customize the level of suction according to the type of mess and your flooring’s sensitivity.

Brushroll and Attachments

A gentle brushroll is essential for protecting your hardwood floors from scratches. Opt for a vacuum with a brushroll that can be turned on and off or one specifically designed for use on hardwood. Also, consider vacuums with specialized attachments, such as crevice tools and dusting brushes, to effectively clean edges, corners, and other challenging areas.

Weight and Maneuverability

A lightweight and maneuverable vacuum is easier to use, especially when dealing with stairs or large rooms. Look for a vacuum with swivel steering or a slim design to easily navigate around furniture and other obstacles.

Filter System

A good filter system is important for maintaining air quality while vacuuming. Choose a vacuum with a HEPA filter or other high-quality filtration systems to capture fine dust particles and allergens effectively.

Cordless vs. Corded

Decide whether you prefer a cordless or corded vacuum. Cordless vacuums offer greater freedom and flexibility but may have limited battery life. Corded vacuums will provide continuous power but may be less convenient to use due to the restriction of the power cord.

Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences, as well as your budget, when selecting the best vacuum for your hardwood floors. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be on your way to finding a vacuum that effectively cleans and protects your flooring investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vacuum is most suitable for hardwood floors?

For hardwood floors, we recommend using a vacuum with strong suction, a soft brush roll, and rubber wheels. Canister vacuums and stick vacuums are usually the best options, as they typically provide these features.

How can I avoid scratching my hardwood floors while vacuuming?

To avoid scratching hardwood floors, ensure your vacuum has a soft brush roll, rubber wheels, and avoid using any beater bars. Regularly check for debris in the brush roll that could cause scratches and clean or replace the brush roll as needed.

Which cordless vacuums perform best on hardwood floors?

Some top-performing cordless vacuums for hardwood floors in 2023 include the Dyson V11, Shark ION F80, and Tineco A11. These models provide strong suction, long-lasting battery life, and gentle brush rolls suitable for hardwood surfaces.

What are the top stick vacuums for hardwood floors in 2023?

In 2023, some excellent stick vacuums for hardwood floors include the Dyson V8 Absolute, Shark Rocket Pet Pro, and MOOSOO K17. These vacuums offer powerful suction, effective dust filtration, and lightweight designs for easy maneuvering.

Are there any budget-friendly vacuum options for hardwood floors?

Yes, there are budget-friendly options for hardwood floors. Some suggestions include the Bissell Hard Floor Expert Canister Vacuum and the Eureka Flash Lightweight Stick Vacuum. These models provide effective cleaning at a more affordable price point.

Should I dust or vacuum my hardwood floors for optimal cleaning?

We recommend starting with dusting your hardwood floors using a microfiber mop or cloth to remove surface debris. Follow up with vacuuming to ensure deeper cleaning and removal of any remaining dirt and dust. This combination provides the most thorough cleaning for your hardwood floors.

6 thoughts on “The Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors 2023 | 7 Top Picks”

    • You should vacuum hardwood floors at least once a week. The frequency may vary depending on your household’s lifestyle and the type of flooring, with high-traffic areas possibly requiring more frequent vacuuming.

    • The best type of vacuum for hardwood floors is one that offers strong suction, a soft or padded brush head, and efficient airflow. Canister vacuums are usually the best due to their versatility, powerful suction, and specific attachments designed for hardwood floors, ensuring a gentle and effective cleaning process without causing damage to the flooring.

    • When cleaning hardwood floors, avoid using steel wool and brushes as they can scratch the floors. Also, refrain from using vacuums with beater bars or hard attachments, and avoid steam cleaning, as it can dull the finish and damage the wood.


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