Why My Bissell CrossWave Won’t Charge?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

There could be several issues for why your CrossWave cordless vacuum is not charging, we have listed some of the most popular ones and ways in which you can fix.

Why is the Bissell CrossWave not charging?

  1. Check the power cord and plug. If it is damaged, replace it.
  2. Battery may not be properly installed. Check connections on the battery. Make sure they are secure and clean of debris or dirt.
  3. Bissell CrossWave has encountered a problem with its internal hardware/software which prevents full use of the vacuum during operation until Bissell repairs or replaces the product.
  4. Some Bissell CrossWave models come with a wall mount. Make sure the vacuum is placed on the charging dock correctly. Check for puddles or moisture under or around the docking station, which can cause corrosion to metal contacts and prevent charging.
  5. The charging assembly in Bissell CrossWave has failed for some reason (broken wire). If the vacuum is still under warranty, contact Bissell to make arrangements for repair/replacement.
  6. If the vacuum is out of warranty, you will need to replace the charging assembly. You can purchase replacement parts here.
  7. Power button must be in the on position (not locked) in order to charge the vacuum. If this is not done, check that it locks into place when pushed down. If you need help with repairs of the charging assembly or power switch, please contact a professional for assistance.
  8. Brush roll has become stuck and caused an internal error on your Bissell vacuum
  9. Dirty water has entered inside the whole thing

What can I do if my Bissell CrossWave does not charge?

You can try to DIY it yourself or you can contact Bissell to have it professionally fixed.

If you want to fix it yourself you can try some basic things such as.

  • Trying a different outlet
  • Test the wall outlet with a different device
  • Check for red lights on the machine
  • Check all the wires looking for any exposed wires
  • See if you have the same problem with any other vacuum such as a small appliance or robot vacuum

Bissell’s customer service is fantastic, so if you have to have your Bissell vacuum professional fixed, it should be back into your hands quickly.

The Bissell Crosswave Cordless max has had some previous charging known issues, so it should be a quick fix or replacement.

If thy are unable to fix your product, they will ship you a replacement unit.

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