Why Are Cats Scared Of Vacuum Cleaners?

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

Why are cats scared of vacuums? The answer may surprise you.

Cats were born to survive in an environment where their natural predators were very large. That meant that they had to stay away from anything larger than themselves – including human’s vacuum cleaners.

In ancient times, a vacuum would be the equivalent of a tiger or lion to a small house cat. Though it seems like an simple cleaning machine, it is actually quite dangerous to cats if they were to place themselves in the path of one.

How do I make my cat less scared of a vacuum cleaner?

First of all, don’t use the vacuum cleaner. While it may seem like a quick way to clean your house, it will also scare your cat half to death. Secondly, keep the vacuum stored in an out-of-the-way spot where cats are unlikely to find it.

If your cat is scared of the vacuum cleaner while it is out, be sure to leave it in an area where your cat isn’t likely to approach it. This may mean keeping the vacuum cleaner in a closet or garage until you plan on using it. And try not to make too much noise while you use it – cats are excellent at sensing small noises that humans can’t even hear.

Third and finally, spend some time with your cat and reward it whenever they interact with the vacuum cleaner. This doesn’t mean that you should force your cat to be next to or around the vacuum cleaner.

It means that if your cat interacts with the vacuum in a non-threatening way (which is most likely playing), let them know that their effort was not in vain. Give them a treat or, if they like it, spend some time playing with them.

Before too long, your cat should learn that the vacuum is nothing to fear and will come to see it as just another object in its environment – rather than a natural enemy.

This could take several months and your cat needs to go at their own pace. Some feel endangered when they are alone with the vacuum in a different room, without their pet owner.

So to make them feel safe, you can pet them while they are near the vacuum, in the same room.

This is the best way to help them get over their fears and survival instinct of running away.

Why does my cat run away from my vacuum cleaner?

Most likely your cat is afraid of the vacuum looks or the loud noises it produces.

The loud sound produced by the motor scares many cats as the noise produces is many times louder to an adult cat, than it is to the human ear.

The loud noise could imitate that of a car and it’s what makes your cat afraid. You might see this with other household appliances too, such as blenders or food processors.

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