How To Clean Shark Vacuum Filters?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

Shark vacuums are known for its convenience and efficiency. However, over time even the best vacuum can become clogged with dirt, dust, hair and other particles that make it less effective. While filters are important components to keep your Shark working at maximum capacity it is also important to know how to clean them. This article will help you learn how to clean shark vacuum filters so you can keep your Shark running strong for years.

How Often Should You Clean a Shark Vacuum?

It is recommended that you clean your Shark vacuum filters weekly. If it is used daily, the filters will need to be cleaned daily as well. On average most vacuums should be cleaned at least every other week.

How to Clean a HEPA Filter?

HEPA filters can be cleaned by vacuuming or washing them as well. To clean a HEPA filter you should use the same process for cleaning regular filters, but after rinsing it off in water you will need to dry it in an oven set to the lowest temperature for one hour.

How to Clean a Cyclonic Filter?

To clean a cyclonic filter you should rinse it in cold water, then dry it out in the sun or with a cool hair dryer. Avoid using heat on this particular filter as this can ruin it.

Can You Wash Shark Vacuum Filters?

Shark vacuum filters can be washed. The only reason you should wash a filter is to get rid of loose dirt and debris that it picked up while using the vacuum.

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

1. Unplug the shark vacuum for the outlet.

2. Remove the filter from the vacuum by holding it at its top handle and pressing down on one side of the frame until it pops out.

3. Place the filter in a bucket of warm water with some dishwashing liquid mixed in. Let it soak for about ten minutes.

4. Brush off any remaining dirt or debris that is stuck to the filter with a brush or by hand.

5. Rinse the filter until all of the soap and debris is removed from it. Place it on a towel to dry for an hour before placing it back in your Shark vacuum cleaner.

6. After cleaning and drying place the new filters back into your shark vacuum and then plug in the Shark vacuum cleaner.

How often should you swap out filters?

This depends on how often you use your vacuum.

Whenever you empty out your dirt canister, you should also replace any foam filters. This prevents large pieces flowing into your Shark vacuum’s dust canister.

Filters can also be washed and then left to air dry.

Do unclean filters affect my vacuums performance?

It’s important to have clean filters as they can make you lose suction power.

You can see this on popular vacuums such as the Shark Navigator.

The brush roller will have less suction flowing around the rotating brush, if it’s covered in airs and dust.


Cleaning and caring for your Shark vacuum cleaner is important to keep it running at maximum efficiency. By following the steps above you should be able to clean Shark vacuum filters without difficulty. Remember that while some vacuums can be washed, others need to be replaced after a certain period of time has passed. It is important to know how often you should clean your Shark filter and how to clean it. Shark vacuum filters are an important component of the machine, but they should be kept in good condition or else your Shark will not work as well or at all.

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