How To Dispose Of A Vacuum Cleaner

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

Vacuum cleaners may over the years eventually break and have to be thrown out. Do you know how to dispose of it properly? In this guide we will explain how you dispose of yours.

Check if the vacuum is repairable

First look into if you can repair the vacuum. Sometimes you can’t repair it and sometimes you can. Fixing a vacuum cleaner can be easy, but sometimes they are tough to fix. Try the following steps if the vacuum is repairable:

  • Check that there is no blockage in the hose or pipe
  • Verify that all of the wires are correctly connected
  • Glue any loose parts
  • Clean the filters thoroughly. If they are clogged, then it might run slower than usual.
  • Check if you can get replacement parts for your vacuum cleaner. This often needs to be done at a professional repair shop (not always though), but it may save you some money in the end.
  • Replace any broken parts like the head, the casing, or the cord.
  • Some vacuum cleaners now use combinations of different types of fuel like oil and electricity. These may be difficult to fix (or even impossible) because they are no ordinary household products. It may be better to buy a new one rather than attempt to repair this kind of vacuum cleaner.

It’s still broken can I throw away a vacuum cleaner now?

If you have tried and tried and you can’t seem to repair the vacuum (and you’re sure it’s broken), then it is probably best to throw the vacuum away.

You may want to check with your local council or waste disposal company to determine what they will accept. Some councils will take everything that is in the household garbage, while others will only take certain things.

Do not place the vacuum in your recycling bin. You may be able to sell some of the metal components at a scrap depot. Alongside this, there may be hazardous substances or toxic fumes that can’t go in a standard bin.

Try to keep the planet clean and use appropriate recycling methods.

Check if it contains any environmentally hazardous materials

Before throwing the vacuum away, look inside carefully to see if there are any harmful materials that can cause environmental problems when thrown away. If you’re not sure apart from the vacuum cleaner itself, then try to contact your local council or waste disposal company to find out what they will accept. They can possibly inform you if there are any environmentally hazardous materials that are being thrown away, so that the vacuum cleaner itself doesn’t have to go into landfill.

Check if it contains any dangerous materials

Check whether or not there are any dangerous materials in the vacuum cleaner. If it does, then make sure that the vacuum cleaner itself does not go into landfill. Landfill can cause many hazardous chemicals to spread into the atmosphere and soil.

What is the proper way to dispose of a broken vacuum cleaner

If you tried everything and can’t get your old vacuum cleaner to work properly.

Either take it to a vacuum repair shop, as they might be able to fix it or take it a recycling center .

To recycle a vacuum cleaner properly, you need to make sure they can accept electronic waste items.

Stick vacuum cleaners have lithium ion batteries, which you should notify your recycling centers of, before disposing of the vacuum.

Where should I get a new vacuum cleaner from?

Once you’ve got rid of your old broken down vacuum cleaner, you can now get a new one!

For cheap vacuums, look at places like Salvation army or any companies in the recycling industry.

You could potentially get someone else’s vacuum for cheap.

Alternatively you can get a brand new one at most electronic stores.

New vacuum cleaners come with brand new vacuum belts that last much longer than an older vacuum model.

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