Why Are Dogs Scared Of Vacuum Cleaners?

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

Dogs are often scared of vacuum cleaners because they make weird, scary sounds that dogs aren’t used to.

Dogs may also be afraid of vacuum cleaners if they’re moved in ways that feel unpredictable to them; for instance, using a handheld vacuum instead of a regular vacuum cleaner.

Dogs who are only scared of some kinds of vacuums and not others may be afraid of the way that certain attachments feel on their bodies.


Why is my Dog Scared?

Most dogs hate vacuums not because of the actual vacuum shape or look, but because of the loud noise produced.

As pet parents we have to be considerate that the human ear can’t detect sounds the same way that a dog’s sense can.

The main reason they’re scared of the vacuum is because of the feeling they suffer from when the noise is at high volume.

How can my dog overcome vacuum fear?

Many dogs are scared of vacuums, but as dog owners it’s possible to teach your dog to at least be in the same room, without them running away barking.

The best way to help frightened dogs, is to introduce them slowly to the loud noises, whilst giving them dog treats.

The treats can help calm dogs afraid of the noise and distract them.

You can then begin to start vacuuming in a non threatening way, perhaps across the other side of the room.

Gradually increase the intensity of the vacuum and help your dog remain calm by petting them or giving them treats.

Rewarding this good behavior and utilizing some training techniques should help even the most stubborn old dog to feel comfortable.

What is a dog’s perception of vacuums?

Some dogs fear a vacuum cleaner because they believe its a crazy monster.

Others think robot vacuums are an attack robot coming after it. Most dogs have fear of a robot vacuum for this reason.

Training sessions and counter conditioning are the only way to help a dog in this situation.

I usually get a family member and we go at our own pace, to slowly turn the vacuum towards our dog, and slowly over the last few months he has got over his fear of vacuums.

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