How Often Should You Vacuum?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

If your home is a little dirty and you’re wondering at what frequency you should be taking out the vacuum cleaner, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Keeping a balance between making sure your vacuum lasts a few years and keeping your home clean is difficult.

In this guide I’ll break down what you should be doing to keep an optimally clean home.

How often should you vacuum carpets?

Vacuuming is a quick and easy way to help keep your carpets looking new and it can’t be skipped.

The more often you vacuum, the cleaner your carpets will stay.

If you don’t have time for a regular vacuuming schedule, at least try to get in a quick once over about once a week.

By vacuuming regularly, you are able to get rid of human skin cells, dust mite excrement and other surface dirt that has accumulated on your carpets.

If you have the time your vacuuming frequency should be to vacuum daily, but of course this is too much for most people.

Don’t have the time to vacuum?

Look at some robot vacuums, and see if a robot vacuum can automatically vacuum for you instead.

What type of vacuum should I use?

Use a vacuum with the proper attachments.

A main floor unit with a rotating brush is perfect for carpets while a canister or hand held units work best on bare floors.

How often should you use your carpet cleaner?

It depends on how dirty it is. For spot treating spills, any time is the right time.

If it’s extra dirty, use your cleaner every 3 months or more frequently if needed.

How often should you shampoo your carpets?

Shampoo once every 6 months.

Your carpet cleaner will usually look worn out by then and the soap residue can attract dirt more than it removes it.

Do you need to get rid of odors in your carpet?

Don’t bother buying an odor removing cleaning solution, baking soda is all you need.

Sprinkle baking soda over your carpets and let it sit for about 15 minutes.

Then vacuum thoroughly with a dry brush attachment to get rid of the odors.

How often should you steam clean your carpets?

Once or twice a year will do if you have pets or kids.

How often should you vacuum carpeted floors?

Carpeted floors require frequent vacuuming of twice per week.

Carpet fibers collect dust mites, pet hair and other particles and require frequent use of your vacuum cleaner.

Make sure your vacuum is on the vacuum carpet mode, to ensure deep cleaning.

Upright vacuums usually come with these settings.

This will keep your home dust free and remove dirt hidden inside the fibers.

How often should you vacuum hard floors?

Vacuum hard floors at least once a week to remove loose dirt particles.

How frequently should you vacuum your car?

Vacuum your car at least once a week to remove loose dirt and dust.

How often should you vacuum furniture?

Use an upholstery attachment on your main floor unit or use a canister vac to clean delicate fabrics.

For best results, move the piece outside and lay it flat before vacuuming top-to-bottom with a back-and-forth motion.

How frequently should you vacuum drapes?

Drape cleaning is best left to the professionals because it’s tough work.

If you insist on taking them into your home, use an attachment specifically for drapery to prevent water spots and streaks.

How much should I vacuum with pets?

You should vacuum every week with pets.

How much should I vacuum when I have kids?

Vacuum every week when you have kids.

How much should I vacuum during the winter?

During the winter, vacuum carpets about twice a month with dry brushes to prevent any dust or debris from collecting on them.

If you notice snow building up in your carpets, use an attachment to remove it quickly before it can melt into water and seep deeper into your carpet.

Vacuum any rugs too for good measure.

How frequently should you vacuum under furniture?

Try vacuuming under chairs and couches at least once a month for dirt particles that could be scratching your furniture’s surface.

Just remember to remove all cords from under-the-furniture so the rotating brush doesn’t cut through them accidentally.

How often to vacuum to avoid dog hair?

The more often you vacuum, the less likely your carpets will become infested with dog hair.

If it’s extra bad, use a rubber glove and run your fingers over the carpet to remove any excess hair.

How often should I vacuum with cats?

Try vacuuming every two weeks with cats to prevent your carpet from getting their fur stuck in it.

How much should you vacuum formal dining rooms?

Dining rooms and other guest rooms where people will visit, require more frequent vacuuming.

Every few days will work great.

Make sure you vacuum slowly and cover both the hardwood floors and carpeted floor.

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