What Are The Motors Used In A Vacuum Cleaner?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

A vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create an area of lower pressure so as to suck up dirt and other forms of debris.

What is the primary motor?

The motor used in this process is called the ‘primary’ or ‘suction’ motor.

This type of motor runs continuously while the appliance is being operated. It often takes energy from what are known as ‘secondary’ power sources. These include batteries, wall sockets and car cigarette lighters.

This universal motor helps generate the majority of the suction power inside the vacuum.

What is the secondary motor?

The second type of motor found in vacuum cleaners is the beater bar (also known as a brush-roller) motor.

The beater bar itself is a cylindrical piece, usually made from plastic or natural fibers like cotton or hemp. Surrounding this is a coiled wire.

This coil, when it passes through the magnetic field of an electromagnet powered by the beater bar motor, produces an alternating current that causes the bar to vibrate. As it moves across the floor, its vibrations lift dirt and debris away from the surface being vacuumed.

The coiled wire in this type of motor can be made from either copper or aluminum.

The field coils spin at high speed and low pressure providing good suction and high starting torque.

What is the third motor?

The last type of motor found in vacuum cleaners are called ‘rotary’ motors.

They are sometimes referred to as variable-speed motors or inverter-motor drives. These types of motors are used for rotating tools such as circular saws and sanders, power drills and angle grinders . A rotary motor converts AC power to the rotational motion needed for a tool’s operation.

Do vacuum cleaner motors need to be replaced?

Yes after 5-6 years.

Vacuum cleaners need to have their motors replaced. Vacuum cleaners work with universal motors, that pulls in air and fine particles, this can lead to wear and tear.

If you have speed control try to run the DC motors on lower speeds, this helps to keep them in good shape.

Whilst high speeds might clean better, it can cause issues with the magnetic fields.

What should I avoid to keep my motor running good?

Make sure that the exhaust port is always clear and it’s not clogged.

Avoid vacuuming in water or moist air, this can damage your vacuum series motor.

Keep your HEPA filter and other components clean, this will also help to keep clean air circulating around.

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