Why Are Robot Vacuum Cleaners Round?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

In most cases, robot vacuum cleaners have a round shape. But why are they round?

In order for a robot to clean your home thoroughly, it requires maximal contact with the floor.

In this article, we’ll dive into why robot vacuums are round.


A round robot vacuum can move more easily

They can fit into more places and are not as likely to get stuck.

Additionally, the round shape makes them more maneuverable so they can clean more effectively. Robot vacuums have also been designed this way in order to make them easier to store.

Most robot vacuums come with a docking station that doubles as a storage unit; the round shape fits perfectly into the station.

This way, you can store your robot vacuum out of the way when it is not in use.

Overall, the round shape of robot vacuums makes them more efficient and easier to store.

When vacuums are circular sweeping is much easier.

They can more easily move around furniture and other obstacles.

Round robot vacuums also tend to be cheaper than their square or rectangle counterparts.

So, if you are looking for an affordable robot vacuum, a round one is your best bet!

Circular vacuums are more visually appealing than square versions

They seem to move more smoothly and are less likely to get caught on things.

This is partly because round shapes are more common in nature and our brains are hardwired to recognize them as such.

When you see a square robot vacuum, it looks out of place and can be a little jarring.

On the other hand, round robot vacuums are more aesthetically pleasing and seem to fit in better with their surroundings.

Quicker and more efficient than square vacuums

Square and rectangle robotic vacuum cleaners tend to be a little slower because of their more awkward shapes.

They also have a tendency to get stuck more easily because of all the corners and edges.

Round shaped robot vacuums, on the other hand, move more easily because they can fit into more places.

Additionally, the round shape makes your robot vacuum more maneuverable so they can clean more effectively.

What about a D Shaped Robot Vacuum?

The D Shape design has slowly been becoming less popular.

With a D Shaped design you have a flat edge that can sometimes get stuck and struggle in tight spaces.

A benefit is that it can clean along wall edges much more easily. The flat side has more efficent cleaning against large furniture and large walls.

The issue comes in tight spots or in-between chair legs for example. The D Shape vacuum has a higher chance of getting stuck compared to a circular shape.

Does a square shaped vacuum clean good?

Square shaped robot vacs are not common for a reason. Their cleaning efficiency and cleaning performance is subpar compared to the round shaped robot vacuum cleaner counterpart.

The square shape often causes optical sensors to perform badly and the corners to get stuck.

Without the round design the side brushes can’t clean floors properly and cliff sensors may not work optimally, causing the vacuum to fall down stairs.

Why does my robotic vacuum cleaner get stuck alot?

If you’ve recently purchased a new robot vacuum and find it gets stuck, it’s most likely due to two reasons.

The first is the robot cleaner hasn’t mapped your home properly. Over time robotic vacuums study and learn their surroundings, providing more efficient cleaning.

Some robot vacuum models come with AI and over time their performance improves.

The second reason is the bumper sensors aren’t working properly. This can cause your round vacuum to get stuck.

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