Why is My Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning?

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2023)

There are three possible reasons for why the side brush is not spinning on your Roomba.

Reasons why Roomba brush is not spinning

1. The Side Brush Module is Jammed.

The first reason could be because the brush module of your robot vacuum is jammed. The brush can get tangled up in things like thread, string, and other long thin materials. These materials are bad for your Roomba’s extractors to pull into or through its extractors because it can break them or decrease suction power.

If this is the case, you will need to reset your Roomba device. With the battery disconnected, reset it by pressing and holding the CLEAN button for three seconds.

2. The Side Brush Module is Not Installed.

The second reason could be because the side brush module is not installed properly or is missing entirely. To check if it is installed properly, there should be one screw holding down the cover that has the brush attached to it. If the brush module is not installed at all or fully, please refer to our guide on how to install the brush here .

3. The Side Brush Motor Is Not Working.

The third reason could be because of a broken side brush motor. If the Roomba brush is spinning slowly or not at all, there is a chance that something has broken inside of it. If this is the case, you will need to replace the side brush motor.

4. Side brush gearbox issues

Issues with the gearbox can make the brush not spinning properly.

The motor shaft will become jammed and the entire Roomba side brush motor will cease to work.

How to Fix a Roomba Side Brush That is Not Spinning

1. Clean Dust From Underneath the Side Brush

The first thing you can do is clean any dust or debris that might be underneath the side brush. This will help free up the Roomba side brush motor and it should start spinning again if it was just clogged.

2. Reset Your Roomba by Disconnecting the Battery Tube

If cleaning underneath the side brush doesn’t work, the next best option would be to reset your Roomba by disconnecting the battery tube. This should also help free up or dislodge anything that might have been jamming the side brush motor.

3. Replace Side Brush Motor

If neither of those options fix you Roomba’s side brush, it could mean that there is something wrong with the brush motor. This is the final option, but replacing the Roomba brush motor does not take very long and can save you money instead of having to buy a new Roomba.

What happens if my Roomba brush not spinning full speed?

If the spinning brush still works, but the brush stops spinning at full speed and efficency, there could be an issue with the brush guard.

This could be clocking the entire side brush from spinning at the correct speed in your vacuum cleaner.

Go through a cleaning process around the Roomba’s brushes and this should allow the Roomba vacuum to start spinning freely again.

Is it worth getting a robot vacuum cleaner?

It can be frustrating when your Roomba brushes stop spinning or there are other issues with your robot vacuum.

Most of the time though the Roomba cleaning robot is great and efficient. It cleans while you relax.

If you don’t have much time to clean, then go for a Roomba Robot Cleaner, it will make your life much easier.

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