How to use Scented Sachets in Vacuum Cleaner? Make Your Home Smell Great

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

Many people have the problem of not being able to vacuum their home thoroughly enough to remove all the dirt and allergens because the smell is overwhelming after only a short period.

Fortunately, there are ways you can make sure that your home stays clean – even if you suffer from allergies or asthma, or simply want it to smell fresh.

One way this can be achieved is by using scented sachets inside your vacuum cleaner.

Steps To Use Open Scented Sachets in Your Vacuum

1. Get The Sachet

Buy a packet of fresh scents scented sachets that contain charcoal or baking soda inside. These will remove any odours from the air as they are sucked up by your vacuum. You can also use a stand-alone scented sachet – these often come in lavender or vanilla, and simply need to be placed inside the bag compartment of your vacuum cleaner.

2. Prepare Your Sachets

Open the packet of sachets and remove them, removing the packaging if it is present.

3. Place The Sachet Inside Your Vacuum Cleaner

Place your fresh scents bag inside the bag compartment of your vacuum. If you don’t have a bag compartment, place your sachet in one corner of your vacuum cleaner’s dust canister. Make sure it sits flat, so that it doesn’t move around when you use the machine. Close the lid to finish.

4. Use The Machine As Normal

Turn on your vacuum as normal and leave it running for 10 minutes or so – this will help to release all of the scent from your scented sachet into throughout your home, ensuring that everything smells fresh.

5. Change Your Sachets Regularly

Using a fresh scents bag in vacuum cleaner is highly effective for removing odours from any home, but it is not a permanent solution. That’s why you should ensure that you change your sachets regularly – at least once every month, or whenever they become flattened or wet. This will prevent your vacuum from smelling bad, and ensure that everything smells fresh when you use it.

Can I use Fragrance Oil in my Vacuum?

Using oil in your vacuum bag is fine if it’s disposable. I would not recommend using essential oil inside a vacuum cleaner’s canister.

What Sachet Filling Smells the Best?

When it comes to fragrant sachets we found the best smelling ones to be Lavender sachets.

Other smells we enjoyed were sweet bergamot and roses. Sometimes I place these in my vacuum cleaner’s empty bag before it’s even in my vacuum. This keeps my cleaning closet smelling fresh, emanating from my vacuum’s bag.

Why does my Vacuum Smell like Stinky Tennis Shoes?

This is likely a mix between all the dust collected and bacteria forming inside.

I like to get some fragrance inside ASAP, if it smells bad.

If you have a bagless vacuum and the smell has stained the inside, you may need a deep clean. Fragrance sachets are great for masking smells, but they don’t attack the core issue.

Cleaning it with some surface cleanser in a spray bottle first and then placing a fragrance sachet bag inside, will drastically improve the smell.

Where else can I use Fresh Scent Sachets?

Alongside your vacuum’s bag, you can play sachet bags inside:

  • Hat boxes
  • Knit gloves
  • Your car
  • Coat closet
  • Sock drawer
  • Vanity drawer
  • Shoe boxes

A small sachet tucked away in one of these places will provide a long lasting clean scent.

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