Will There Ever Be A Silent Vacuum Cleaner?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

Everyone knows that if you are listening to music, watching TV or just have loud fans running the vacuum cleaner will drown out all other sounds. But what if your building is so quiet it would be disturbing to have so much sound?

Perhaps you live in an apartment where being able to hear the neighbors turning on their television may disturb your concentration or sleep. Or maybe you live in a house and find that your housemates vacuum cleaner turns on and off during the night and ruins your focus.

Vacuum cleaners are inherently loud because they use fans to create suction, but recent updates to the technology of vacuums have made them more efficient and less noisy.

They do still make sound, however, due to the mechanical functions that create suction.

Do Silent Vacuum Cleaners Exist?

A completely silent stand alone vacuum does not completely exist.

You can get a central vacuum system for your home, which provides an extremely quiet alternative.

It dulls out loud noise by sucking debris directly into a central system that is linked up throughout your home.

Which is the Best Quiet Vacuum Cleaner?

The most quiet vacuum cleaner would have to be the Miele U1 or the Dyson V11 Torque.

Both of these operate with consistent suction power whilst being able to reduce noise output.

If you are able to run them on the highest setting without any noise limitations, then your cleaning performance will still be maintained.

Canister vs Cordless

This depends on how much cleaning you need to do. A quiet canister vacuum is perfect for large amounts of cleaning.

If you require a vacuum for pet hair, then go with canister. They produce more noise but make a huge difference, especially when you need a deep clean.

For those that have small apartments without carpets, go with a quiet cordless vacuum. These are perfect for hardwood floors and other bare floors. They use a smaller motor, can be transported easier and produce less noise.

Cordless vacuums also come with less parts, so you don’t have to deal with air hoses, different tools or a HEPA filter.

Do quiet vacuum cleaners clean the same?

No, quiet vacuums have significantly less power, to keep noise levels down.

They usually come with a small motor which runs much quieter than a standard canister vacuums.

Final Thoughts

A quiet upright vacuum or the quietest canister vacuum may lack in power, but they’re a solid choice for those that need to avoid loud noises and have a clean living space.

Some of the quietest vacuums are produced by Dyson, Miele and SEBO vacuums, although they can cost more.

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