Can Vacuum Cleaners Clean Dusty Air?

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2023)

Vacuum cleaners are used to clean up dirt and dust inside the house.

However, can they also clean dusty air?

In this article we’ll investigate.

Can air be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner?

Generally speaking you can’t clean the air with a vacuum cleaner.

Some vacuums do utilize HEPA filters. These filters can help improve your indoor air quality, by taking small dust particles off of surfaces and therefore out of the air.

Vacuums won’t be able to get all the dust as they mostly are used on surfaces.

To clean the air properly, you’ll have to invest in an air purifier, which again comes with a HEPA filter.

How do I improve poor indoor air quality?

The first thing you can do to keep your indoor air clean is open the windows.

Fresh cool air blowing in will take care of most dust.

The second step is to begin vacuum cleaning. It’s recommended to use a HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Do not use cheap vacuum cleaners as they don’t catch all the fine dust.

Once you’ve handled all the surfaces and dust mites, look into air purifiers.

These help remove dust from the air around you.

You can then once over your place with a damp cloth which is perfect for hard floors and surfaces.

Do vacuums pick up airborne particles?

Most vacuums do not do a good job at picking particles in the air.

They are great for pet dander, mold spores and other particles that are on surfaces.

To get clean air you need a filtration system with a HEPA rated filter. Even a system like this won’t completely remove, but it’s the best way to solve allergy problems if you have those.

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