Do Vacuum Cleaners Kill Spiders?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

A vacuum cleaner creates a high level of air pressure around the nozzle which causes objects to get stuck in it. This holds true for spiders too, even though they are relatively small compared to dirt particles. When you turn the machine on, the spider is essentially thrown out of its previous hiding place by extreme external forces and momentum will cause it to stick to the machine’s surface.

So to answer the question does your vacuum cleaner kill spiders? The answer is not directly. But vacuuming the spider off the surface it’s crawling on and trapping it inside your vacuum, may slowly kill the spider.

Can Spiders Survive Being Vacuumed?

Most spiders cannot survive, but some do. The larger the spider, the bigger tool of destruction it is. Really large tarantulas can survive an occasional vacuum cleaning which might happen if they are reclusive and rarely seen. This will not be the case most of the time as most spiders like to stay hidden in their own little corner or webbing, leaving them a very small chance of being sucked up.

Even if spiders manage to escape the initial “vacuuming” they have a very slim chance of surviving afterward as most vacuum cleaners have a HEPA filter system which prevents any particles from coming back out. The fact that you cannot see these particles, nor actually feel their presence does not mean anything for a spider as neither would it be able to see nor feel the air pressure and suctioning.

Can Spiders Crawl Out of Vacuums?

It is true that some spiders are very small, but the fact that they are so tiny also means that their chances of escaping the initial vacuuming process increases. On top of that, keeping in mind how many times people don’t clean out the dirt cup until its full makes it even easier for a spider to sneak out.

Most vacuum cleaners don’t even allow the spider to escape as they usually come with a bagless design or a cup that will trap and hold all dirt and particles.

Spiders don’t necessarily need to be able to crawl out of the vacuum cleaner, escaping can happen in many ways:

  • The spider finds an opening and manages to leave the machine.
  • A human accidentally, moves the vacuum cleaner which causes the spider to fall out while it’s still on.
  • The spider isn’t strong enough to survive the suctioning process itself and dies trying.

Will spiders get trapped in my vacuum bag?

Often times spiders will find a way to cling onto your vacuum hose insides or sit inside the rotating brush.

Rarely does a vacuum manage to get it all the way into the vacuum cleaner bag.

If a spider gets trapped in the bag, it’s most likely that the spiders die.

It’s recommended to dispose of the bag for your bagged vacuum, before the spider escape begins and the creepy crawlers come back out the other end.

Will a bagless vacuum kill a spider?

Bagless vacuums usually come with a filtered canister that blocks the spider from entering and usually the spider dies.

Sometimes the spider survives if it can crawl back from inside the vacuum.

If you have a bad spider problem, then you can resort to spider sprays or bug killer sprays before using the suction process of your vacuum.

Alongside this your vacuum might kill fragile spiders, but if it’s a big spider, you might see the guy run free.

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