How Many Watts Is A Good Vacuum Cleaner?

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2022)

So, you are looking for a new vacuum cleaner.

Well, there are many things to consider before purchasing your new appliance.

One of the most important aspects is choosing how powerful it needs to be.

A more powerful machine will allow you to do more types of jobs with fewer passes across the floor, but can also make a mess if you are not careful.

A less powerful machine will be easier to control, but can also take a lot more time and effort to complete a cleaning task.  So, let’s talk watts.

More watts mean a more powerful vacuum

Power is measured in Watts on most appliances that have moving parts or that use electricity.  The amount of power your appliance uses will determine its suction ability, but it can be difficult to find out exactly how much wattage is needed to do a good job unless you are specifically looking at the product’s technical specifications.

There are two types of vacuum cleaners that are commonly used in homes today. The first is a canister vacuum, which consists of an electric motor in a compact unit with the hose, wand, and attachments attached to it.  One of the best qualities of this type of vacuum cleaner is that it has its own body weight behind the suction power, meaning it does not lose any suction when the machine is being carried around.  The other type is a stick vacuum, which has much less power behind it.

When choosing the right wattage for you, it will depend on what types of jobs you are planning to use your vacuum for.  Most vacuums today have anywhere from 12 to 26 watts, with premium machines having 35 or more.  It is also important to remember that the voltage of the motor will determine how powerful it is.

For hardwood and tile floors, you should look for a vacuum cleaner with between 12 and 16 watts.  This amount of wattage will allow your machine to perform basic tasks such as cleaning up light debris and dirt.  However, if you have a lot of carpet or rugs in your home that need to be vacuumed, then it may be best to go with an appliance that has at least 20 watts.  This will help to prevent the machine from becoming bogged down in thick fabric and allow the brush roller to spin for a deeper clean.

How many amps does a vacuum cleaner use?

A vacuum cleaner with less watts will use less amps.  The wattage is what determines the strength of the suction, not the amps.  The amps will determine how quickly the vacuum can spin its brush roller, but not the suction power.  For example, a vacuum with 30 watts will have more suction power than a vacuum that has 16 watts.  However, the 30 watt machine may use slightly more amps than the 16 watt machine.

You can find out how many amps a vacuum cleaner uses by looking at its technical specifications.  Many retailers will list the amps on the box, so you can compare specs between different models before purchasing.

Does more watts mean more power consumption?

As the wattage increases, the suction power of your vacuum will also go up.

Unfortunately this leads to larger amounts of power consumption.

Due to the increase in vacuum suction you will be able to vacuum more cubic feet per minute, therefore speeding up your vacuum time.

Even though it consumes more power I think going with higher air watts, makes it more efficient because of the increase in vacuum cleaner performance.

Do canister vacuum cleaners consume more power?

Yes a canister vacuum cleaner will have a more powerful vacuum motor compared to a cordless option.

This gives it high suction power compared to an average vacuum cleaner.

With the correct balance of airflow and suction power, a canister vacuum generates more air watts, making it the ideal vacuum system.

Are upright vacuum cleaners energy efficient?

All vacuum cleaners are not made equal. If you go with a energy efficient model, which you’ll find in most premium brands such as Shark and Dyson, then yes they are efficient.

Premium brands have engineered their vacuums to provide less energy consumption, with more motor power.

Alongside this the sealed suction systems provide better air flow and better vacuum performance compared to typical domestic vacuum cleaners.

How do I increase my vacuum cleaner’s suction power?

To get the optimal suction on your upright vacuum cleaner, look at the vacuum cleaner specifications before you purchase.

Try to get a vacuum with high amount of watts in the 30+ range. This will let you know how much power it can generate.

Do note, just because the electrical motor power is higher, does not mean the vacuum’s suction power will be higher. Suction is determined by several other factors, such as if it has a cyclonic system to generate suction, or other methods.

You can compare vacuum cleaners performance in our guide here to see which vacuum is better.

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